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February 9th, 1998


Kevin and I spent the Hogsmeade visit together. In every sense of the word. And just... wow. I can't believe we ended up going as far as we did... Although I refuse to say so to Kevin, it did hurt at first. A lot. But once I began to get used to it...

And... and he said he loves me! Another big shocker. I was not expecting him to say anything of the sort just yet. I had no idea he liked me that much, and... just wow. Again. The word of the day, I think. The weekend.

And I managed to sneak back to the castle without getting noticed after Kevin and I left the inn, hooray! Although I did sleep in 'til almost lunch and had Hannah and Justin both worried sick... Oops. But as far as they know, I didn't stay overnight at Hogsmeade...


Well, I had a pleasant trip out to Hogsmeade this weekend... Quite a nice change from classes and being stuck in the castle all day long. My sister gave me a list about three feet long (and I'm not exaggerating by much, here) of things she wanted at Honeyduke's, and I obliged, of course... Gave me an excuse to get similar things for me, heh.

Oh, and Kevin? I still have your notes from last Friday's Charms class. I'm assuming you want them back soon, hmm? :)

[Private: Kevin]

Meet me in our usual spot tomorrow after class? It's too late to try risk sneaking out now... See you at breakfast. Love you :)

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