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December 24th, 1997

...Christmas is in an hour! Oh Merlin, I'm acting like such a little kid again tonight, and I love it! :)

There were various relatives over for supper, but only my aunt Amelia is here now, along with my parents, Laura (who's asleep), Matthew, Stephanie (his girlfriend) and me. Laura was actually not being her usual pesky self, which was rather surprising. She was all bouncy and giggly today, which, under the circumstances, is to be expected, I guess. and I wasn't a whole lot better. I may be eighteen, but I can certainly act like I'm ten at any given time. :)

And I must be off now, as Mum is calling for my assistance for some chore or another... Why it can't be fixed with some sort of spell or put off until tomorrow, I don't really know...

In the meantime, Happy Christmas, all! Hope it's enjoyable. :)
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