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December 9th, 1997

For this being the last couple weeks prior to the Christmas holiday, I'm a little bit surprised that I haven't had all that much work to complete... Granted, there still is quite a bit to do, seeing as there are NEWTs to take in June, but... it just doesn't seem like a heavy workload. I remember last year at this time... Oh, Gods. Talk about stress!

But seeing as lately I have a thing for, ahem, not exactly paying attention in class as thinking about one's boyfriend is so much more interesting than goblin rebellions of 1387 there's probably a whole lot of information I'm missing. Which will eventually catch up with me and it will not be a pretty sight.

It's best not to dwell on that, though, I think. Vacations are not times to be stressing out.

And I plan to sit back, relax and enjoy this one.
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