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October 21st, 1997


I feel like I'm the odd one out in my circle of friends as of late. Mainly because it seems like they all have a significant other and spend all their spare time talking about or being with said person... I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but I can't help but feel lonely... Zach has Lisa. Justin has Padma. Hannah and Ernie have each other.

Which leaves ickle ol' me all by her lonesome self. As usual. Even though I'm perfectly content to be unattached (I don't know things any other way), I'm still jealous of everyone all the time sometimes... Not that I let them know that. Have got to keep a smile on my face. Laugh. Pretend nothing bothers me, even when it does. After all, I'm the self-proclaimed optimist. Although I must admit, nothing would be a better test of character than remaining optimistic in such a pessimistic situation...

...Hopefully my Mr. Right isn't too far off in the distance.


Sweet Merlin, is the end of October already? I can't believe I'll be eighteen in a week and a half! Bloody unreal, that is. Even though it means I'll revert back to being one of the oldest students in the school, a feeling which I'm not too fond of. But it also means presents. :)

I just hope the teachers don't assign much work to do that night. Or have any tests scheduled for that day. Both would be horrible.

I'll be up in my room if any one needs me Ha. Right. You're all much too busy to remember insignificant me....
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