Susan Bones (oh_susanna) wrote,
Susan Bones

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October 4th, 1996

I never realised how much homework they assign sixth-years. If this is any indication of next year...

Wait. It doesn't do anyone good if I whine all day long, so I'll stop.

Got an owl from my brother this morning, which was rather strange, as he always sends his news via Mum and Dad. I haven't opened it yet, as I keep thinking it's horrible news...

Ah. And I'm the self-proclaimed optimist?

Perhaps... Perhaps it really good news that he doesn't Mum and Dad to know about yet... That's reasonable, as he always tells me stuff before our parents...

Yes, that must be it. Am feeling much better.

Oh, and this is completely unrelated to anything else contained here, but... Justin? You are so dead. Consider yourself warned.
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